Pharmaceutical industry

Marking & Coding packages, boxes and blister packs for medicines and drugstore items in the pharmaceutical industry enables traceability required by law while also protecting against counterfeit pharmaceuticals. SquidCheck™ offers print and verification of the bar codes printed on your cases, SquidCheck utilizes bar code readers from Cognex®, the world’s most trusted machine vision and industrial bar code reading company. The reader is integrated with a Squid Ink printer and SquidCheck interface to ensure that codes are present, scannable, and accurate Performance data is captured, stored, and can be transferred to your business systems for evaluation or enhanced visibility. Users can receive images and feedback of each and every code, or just the errors as desired.

Our products and services are designed to provide reliable cost-effective solutions for Pharmaceuticals industrial applications. we have relied on a wealth of knowledge and experience in the coding and marking industry to design a full range of industrial coding and marking solution for Pharmaceuticals industries.
A. Inkjet Printer for blister, inner Carton, liquid medicine as well as syringes injection.

B. Hi-Resolution printing systems for printing system is designed to print superior quality hi-resolution with up to 2.8” of print height per print head and the ability to run up to 2 print heads from one controller. The Hi-regulation printer offers a versatile, yet cost effective solution for your coding and marking applications. pharmaceutical Traceability/track and trace/identification Serialization & Variable data, user data printing. Additionally, it has been able to reduce your leveling cost on Master carton boxes

C. Thermal transfer overhead printer Direct thermal printer prints directly on empty soft packagings and does not require a label. It helps you reduce running costs! For all industries, we propose cost reductions by changing from existing labelers to direct thermal printers. Generally, companies spend a lot of cost on labels.

D. squid check print validation system for pharmaceuticals industry Bar code print quality validation on the fly. Performance feedback on each and every code or error if needed. Reporting of real-time or historical data. Traceability of your product and protection of your brand. Elimination of rework due to missing or unreadable codes because of poor printer setup or maintenance. Cognex reader provides best-in-class read rates. Easy to install system and simple software.

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