Thermal Transfer overhead printer (TTO)

Thermal Transfer overhead printer (TTO)

Continuous type (Head fixed type)

SCS 400 c series SCS 410 c /SCS420c/ SCS430c
It is easy to install in a compact size and supports multiple installations.
Running costs can be reduced by adding a radial control function (ribbon save function).
Since it is ultra-compact design, installation is possible even in a small space.
Adopted a continuous formula that follows the encoder to form letters. Depending on the application, please choose from 1 inch 2 inch 3 inch.
  • SCS410c Print area 32mm X 100mm
  • SCS420c Print area 53.3mm X 200mm
  • SCS430c Print area 74.6mm X 200mm

Intermittent (head moving type)

SCS 400i series SCS410i/SCS420i
Compact size easy to install. Realized head movement according to print length.
Adopt intermittent method to move the head to print when the film stops. Although it becomes somewhat larger than the continuous type, it is still compact design as the head moves. Currently, 2 inch · 3 inch is under development with handling only 1 inch. Since there are restrictions on the printing area, please use it for printing limited to some extent such as date and lot number such as manufacturing date / expiration date.
  • SCS410i Print area 32mm X 40mm
  • SCS420i Print area 53.3mm X 40mm



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Radial ribbon save control
In the continuous type, there are a pattern to print at right angles to the film and a pattern to print in the flow direction, because the printing method is used when the film flowing under the printer head is moving.
When used for printing one line of dates, right-angle printing prints using the full ribbon width, so there is no waste of the ribbon. However, in the case of flow printing, since the ribbon is consumed beside the width of the ribbon, the upper and lower parts of the ribbon are wasted.
It is the function of “radial ribbon save control” that was developed to prevent such waste.
With a thermal printer with this function, the printer itself automatically arranges and controls character height and number of columns.
Because it assumes the printing of the date, it corresponds to only the 1-inch printer, but it is an effective and meaningful option function for those thinking with only date printing.
Touch panel input device WS 100
WS – 100 is an interface for our thermal printer.
Select print data registered in advance on SD card here. Input and set various information such as printing timing, number of printed sheets, manufacturing date / expiration date, lot number here.

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  • Time & Date – Full time and date functionality including expiration date and Julian Dates.
  • Item Numbering – Sixteen counters, one of which can be a daily counter and production counter
  • Shift Codes – Four programmable shift codes with automatic rollover
  • Bar Codes – All standard bar codes including 2D
  • Fonts – Arial, Arial Bold, Arial International, Arial Monospaced, Courier, Tahoma Bold and Lucida resident fonts for use in variable data elements. Static elements in any Windows® font Software
  • Logos – Most image files supported with Orion Graphical Interface Software
  • Printing Features – Reverse, invert, rotate, repeat. Print on/off button
  • Number of Messages – 4GB storage space will store approximately 1000+ messages
  • User Data Prompts – Prompts for user input at start of print job by manual input on touchscreen
  • Languages – Bangla , English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian
Image checking device
It is attached after the thermal printer and instantly judges the state of the printed date.
Since the timing of shooting can be registered and memorized by the input device (WS – 100), the site checker starts working as soon as the printer starts up.
If it is not possible to correctly discriminate the most important date such as non-printout or blurring, it will be reported to the operator as NG to prevent printing mistakes.