Packaging Machine Unit(Ground Coffee Packing Machine)

Packaging Machine Unit(Ground Coffee Packing Machine)

Attachment Of VFS5000YA5 Packaging Machine Unit Including:
1.VFS7300A Box Type auto packaging machine one set.
This machine equips with bag forming, making (gusset bag, included 4 side seal edges), auto filling, cutting, sealing (top & bottom), code printing, Vacuum bell mechanism and with Nitrogen flushing mechanism (for bottle) etc.
2.CJSL2000 Auger Filler one set.
This machine equips Sanyo Servo Motor, level switch and mixture motor automatic filling, controlled by packaging machine. Made by Stainless Steel.
3.Production take-off conveyor belt one set. FREE. Made by Stainless Steel.
1.95m for the length.



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  1. This machine integrates the functions of bag making, filling, sealing, printing, punching and counting, has automatic offset correction function, both the transverse sealing and film pull mechanisms adopt servo motor for transmission so as to guarantee high efficiency of the machine.
  2. The side seal former is an independent mechanism, and has an independent offset correction system in the forming and side sealing process, which guarantees the stability of its side sealing and forming mechanism.
  3. Control components all adopt well-known international brands with reliable performance; the operator can perform parameter operation on the touch screen.
  4. Can make multiple types of bag like four-side-sealed box bag, gusset bag, pillow bag, etc.
  5. Can be equipped with automatic welding valve device, and can make the type of bag that needs to be added with vent valve according to material requirements.

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  1. Powders like milk powder, protein powder, rice flour, coffee powder, seasoning,
  2. toner, etc. as well as granular materials like forage, coffee beans, etc.
 Option parts:
  1. Multi-heads combination weigher
  2. Multi-heads linear weigher
  3. Volumetric cups filler
  4. Auger filler