Flexible Roller Conveyer

Flexible Roller Conveyer

CORE21 has proven experience in a variety of material handling solutions. flexible gravity conveyors, have a unique and flexible design that allows them to expand, contract, and bend around any corner or obstacle in your way, all while using gravity to move your product quickly from point A to point B. Whether you’re working in manufacturing, assembly, retail, distribution or processing facilities, these gravity conveyor systems can be manufactured to handle various volume needs. All-steel construction adds unmatched strength and integrity to these industrial conveyor systems.
The length of conveyors is virtually limitless, as they can connect to each other to travel a further distance. Not only this, but they can be combined to create a wider surface area to transport large products. Gravity rolling conveyors expand up to four times their collapsed length. The roller design combined with the power of gravity keep boxes from falling off while moving around any curve or bend, making the conveyor safe and easy to use to transport heavy products.
Fixable roller conveyors simplify loading and unloading processes in a variety of applications. They are ideal for transporting heavy items between stations, in and out of truck containers and other shipping areas. The best part about flexible conveyors is that they are portable. They allow you to create a temporary conveyor line when needed, and make reorganizing or restructuring your processes a breeze. They are easily transported anywhere in your facility as they all stand on wheels that lock into place when you’re ready to put your conveyor.



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CORE21 has proven experience in a variety of material handling solutions. Our experience ranges from standard conveyors to stainless steel conveyors and conveyor components such as rollers and motor rollers. Flexibility & innovative solutions give us an advantage in this highly competitive market. From conveyor components to a complete system, we at CORE21. Are looking forward to serving you.
Facilities that use fixable roller conveyors have seen optimized operation and much more efficient material flow. There are many advantages of flexible conveyors, including:
  • Easily transport heavy materials around machinery
  • Adapting production lines is a simple process
  • Eliminate time spent manually transporting heavy materials
  • Steel construction for maximum durability and strength
  • Minimize employee injuries by cutting out physical labor
  • Customizable—adjusts to fit the specific needs of your facility
  • Great for creating packaging lines by connecting two or more conveyors
  • Improves shipping and receiving processes
  • Improved ergonomic working conditions
  • faster loading and unloading
  • A safe and reliable operation
  • The capacity to transport parcel loads of up to 50 kg/m
Easy access for maintenance.
It’s significant operating costs savings like labor cost and compared to traditional methods of material handling as well as providing environmental and health & safety benefits. The conveyor can be moved flexibly with four heavy duty universal castors.
The customized design of CORE21 Bulk Handling Solutions allows for complete ‘one-off’ designs & concepts, created to meet your loading and unloading needs.